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Delivery is now available from La Espanola in select locations.

You can Order La Espanola online via Postmates for delivery right to your home. 

Paella Menu

All paellas are considered 1 person serving – Wt: 16oz approx. Reserve your paella by Saturday at 10 am
If you want to book paella weekday, please contact us for prices and conditions. Phone: (310) 539-0455


The Best Paella in Los Angeles!

We offer Paella every Saturday!. Also, you can order during the week if you reserve a complete paella. You can order portions or also in the same way you can order a complete paella for yourself.

Paella takeout in Los Angeles thanks to Doña Juana, where you will enjoy a delicious rice of the house, black, seafood. In addition you can taste tapas, sandwiches and beers. We work above all, to be a benchmark of quality and good price of authentic Spanish cuisine. At La Española Meats we have consolidated our gastronomic proposal by being faithful to the preparation of its typical dishes. Always with ingredients brought from Spain. In the first place, we work with the best suppliers to ensure an excellent raw material. Similarly, each product is selected and as a result we get, for this reason, the best Spanish flavor.

Cooked by our beloved founder Doña Juana in a gigantic Paella pan inside the heart of our building.Customers can pick their favorite among the delightful varieties of this delicious dish that we offer. You can taste paella seafood, mixta, chicken, or “house” paella. A tent covered patio is located outside to the right of our building and it is landscaped with potted plants, bougainvilleas and a water fountain. This calm and relaxing environment is perfect for you to enjoy your meal.

For a taste of Spanish cuisine at a reasonable price and a place to find unique Spanish gourmet foods, an afternoon drive to La Española Meats is worth the trip. Every day of Monday to Saturday, to eat in our terrace or carry.


In conclusion, if you are looking for Spanish flavor, do not hesitate to come and see us.

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