Codfish Croquettes

Following our traditional method, our codfish croquettes are made with 12% high quality codfish, onion and a touch of spices. Finished with a fine crunchy breading, they are ideal as appetizers, tapas or starters. Frozen Product

Spinach Croquettes

For anyone who would like to enjoy a high quality vegetarian croquette, we offer our spinach croquettes with raisons and pine kernels. With 23% spinach in the filling, these croquettes have an artisan and round finish. Ideal as an appetizer, side dish or snack serving. Frozen Product

Setas Croquettes

Tasty croquettes, with more than 30% of mushrooms in their filling. With an irregular and handmade finish, the soft and crunchy exterior and the creamy interior with pieces of mushrooms, makes them ideal as a cover, starter or garnish. Frozen Product
Palacios creates its line of Spanish Omelets following different recipes resulting in savory omelets enriched with additional ingredients such as potatoes and onions. A delicious dish to please all tastes.GLUTEN FREE - LACTOSE FEE - NO PRESERVATIVES Frozen product


Common bread is a food made from a dough obtained by mixing wheat flour, water, salt and yeast. Frozen product


Pan de Cristal owes its name to the fact that the crumb is so airy and the bread so thin that it is almost transparent. It is a bread designed to accompany charcuterie, cheeses, preserves, etc., so that it has the least possible prominence. Pan de Cristal, a variety of rustic ciabatta-type bread, called "cristal" because of its extremely thin and very...

Santiago Cake

The Tarta de Santiago or Torta compostelana is a traditional dessert of Galician cuisine, specifically from Compostela. The recipe consists mainly of almonds, sugar and eggs. It does not contain flour.
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