Pan de Cristal owes its name to the fact that the crumb is so airy and the bread so thin that it is almost transparent. It is a bread designed to accompany charcuterie, cheeses, preserves, etc., so that it has the least possible prominence.

Pan de Cristal, a variety of rustic ciabatta-type bread, called "cristal" because of its extremely thin and very crispy crust, and a crumb with hardly any density, translucent, almost transparent.
4 units

Frozen product



Weight: 6.4oz unit

The Crystal Bread is easy to handle and does not need to be defrosted beforehand, at most 5 minutes.
The oven should be preheated to 200 ºC and the cooking time should not exceed 10 minutes with the product frozen, or 4 minutes if it is defrosted.
Once baked, it is advisable to open the piece in half with a serrated knife. The cut should be clean and precise, without dragging the serrated blade across the surface so as not to damage or disfigure it.

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